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Inleksys has extensive expertise in creating intelligent business solutions in the field of visualization, analysis, processing, storage and response to information flow of large real-time data. The company develops innovative technologies of machine learning and automated data analysis. Our company focuses on creating the highest quality systems for solving ambitious tasks that achieve unique business results.

Inleksys' solutions apply in a wide range of business sectors, including target marketing systems, telecommunications, banking technologies, analytical CRM, business intelligence and data analysis systems, industrial systems and processes in the technological sector and production.

Our staff consists of highly qualified specialists, professionals in the field of development and who support advanced IT solutions, machine learning, data analysis, implementation and support of highly-complex systems. It’s a key factor in the company's successful project experience.

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Partner programs

Creating the highest quality product, we particulary value our partners in matters of system integration and implementation.
We want to maximize the motivation of everyone who's set to contribute to data usage process development in any areas of digital business and production.

Flexible approach and focus on quality results
Training and certification
Established processes of technical and marketing support
An open platform for proprietary partner development and value-added products
Favorable business arrangements
Significantly competitive prices

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Development Manager
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