The cutting-edge CVM‑system for large businesses
Will help you in designing a complete process of modern targeting.
How does it work?
Defining the segments

With the CVM system, it’s easy to get a sample of potential customers by interactively setting filtering criterias.

Setting up RealTime triggers

Setting complex event processing logic for data streams and rules for triggering business events

Setting up advertising campaigns

Setting comfort delivery timings and schedule, customer channel interaction scenarios, messages in communication channels, effort and reward rules

Settings of customer journey map

Defining marketing strategies. Setting goals for end-to-end optimization and auto-selection of targeted offers.

Easy to create and set up advertising campaigns
Interactive campaign creation

Create flexible scenarios of color interaction with the client

Easy navigation

Track the efficiency and manage your campaigns in real-time

Configurable notification logic

Dynamic placeholders for personalized messages, channel delivery features configurations.

A unified strategy for triggered real-time and offline campaigns throught all communication channels
Powerful tool for developing a high-quality client service that enables you to organize impact on every client and build long-term relationships.
Real time AI suggests the best offers and commination strategies
The system generates most valuable personalized client offers using machine learning and offer optimization logic.
Behavior analysis and client history
Build in segmentation and machine leaning models helps to enrich customers data from various sources and build versatile customer profile
Simple target audience creation

Even a novice user can create a sample audience and analyze big clients data.

The main advantages
Optimize marketing, control campaigns
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